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CAMIQ Inc. was founded in early 1990 under the name Centre d’Analyse du Marché Industriel Québécois and incorporated on March 17th, 1991 under the name CAMIQ Inc. Our mission at the time was to supply technical training resources and expertise to various manufacturers of industrial products in Québec. The training programs, administered by retired or semi-retired experts in their fields, covered areas such as compressor maintenance, lubrification, vibration analysis, and bearing installation and maintenance.


As we progressed, we were asked to supply other kinds of training in the fields of leadership, employee selection, time management, presentation skills, and conflict resolution. A training contract with Pratt & Whitney Canada in early 1991 allowed us to discover Herrmann International, creator of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). After obtaining the various certifications required by Herrmann International, we started promoting the HBDI in Canada. It is at this point in time, early 1991, that our name changed to CAMIQ Inc., thus making it easy to remember and to pronounce in all parts of the country.


In 1999, at the suggestion of one of our client, we looked into the numerous assessments supplied by TTI (Target Training International). Assessments such as DISC, PIAV, Trimetrix, 3600 and others were used to complement the HBDI. We were then able to redefine our mission to read Recruit, Train and Retain Top Performers! In other words, we helped our clients find the right candidate, seat him in the right seat on the right bus going in the right direction.


In 2008, after being exposed to several interesting Strategic Thinking concepts, we were again on the road to redefining our mission. Looking at our business on a more global scale, we started repositioning CAMIQ Inc. to Helping Leaders Translate their Vision into Reality. This new orientation required a paradigm shift that brought CAMIQ Inc. to offer new services, programs and ressources to our clients. 


This new, redesigned web site is the first step in our growth plans and new offerings such as our emphasis on Strategic Development.


André DeBellefeuille, mba

André DeBellefeuille

André is a business consultant specializing in strategic development. André is fluent in both official languages. André obtained his undergraduate diploma in International Relations from York University in Toronto and his EMBA from Concordia University, John Molson School of Business in Montreal. Since launching his consulting firm in 1991, André has specialized in helping business leaders transform their vision into reality.

Prior to launching his business, André worked for various American and European firms specializing in industrial equipment in Canada, the USA, South Africa and Europe. His responsibilities revolved around sales and marketing and setting up or reinforcing distribution networks.

In his consulting business, André as a certified practitioner uses various psychometric instruments such as the HBDI developed by Herrmann International (HI) and instruments developed by Target Training International (TTI) such as Trimetrix, DISC, PIAV, SSI, PTSI and 3600. These help the leaders André works with gets a better understanding of who they are, of their work environment  and on how to approach the various challenges they are faced with.

Since 1991, André has worked with business leaders in various fields including aerospace, banking, insurance, telecommunications and manufacturing and extensively with the Federal and Provincial governments across the country. André’s strengths are his ability to listen to and communicate with people from various walks of life, his big picture approach to strategic development and his ability to help leaders transform their vision into reality.

Whether working in French or in English, André brings to his work a high level of energy, enthusiasm and a passion for helping people achieve results and develop a work life balanced approach.

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