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We will be glad to provide you with one of the 3 complimentary assessments if you meet these requirements:

  1. You live in the U.S. or Canada
  2. You are a business decision maker. (Executive, business owner, HR, Recruiter, trainer, manager etc.)
  3. You have a minimum of 10 employees
  4. Limit of 1 free assessment per company, association, group, institution, business, and/or organization
  5. Not available to students, professors or for class projects


You can choose between these 3 free Assessments

Thinking Style – HBDI Herrmann International

The Whole Brain® Thinking style model teaches you how to communicate with those who think the same as you and those who think differently than you. Once an individual understands his or her thinking style preferences, the door is open to improved teamwork, leadership, customer relationships, creativity, problem solving, and other aspects of personal and interpersonal development.

Behaviour – DISC Behavioural Assessment

DISC is the universal language of observable human behaviour, or “how we act”. DISC does not measure education, experience, values or intelligence. It simply measures an individual’s behaviour’s, or how they communicate.

Workplace Motivators

What is it that motivates you to take action? What is the source of your desire to become involved in certain activities—or to avoid them?  The answers lie deep within your unique set of motivators. These powerful motivating forces largely affect why you behave the way you do, and identifying them is important to understanding what makes you effective, satisfied and personally successful.

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