Managing Performance Priorities (MPP)


In today’s competitive global environment—where people at all levels need to accomplish more, in less time, with fewer resources—the ability to manage priorities is a key element in personal and professional success. To thrive in this environment of rapid change and conflicting priorities, recognising the choices and opportunities that change brings, often requires a change of attitude and thinking patterns.

Developing your ability to set goals, focus on priorities, and manage simultaneous responsibilities and activities is essential in today's fast-paced work environment. Taking control of your workday is crucial for staying sane and reducing stress as well as for enhancing productivity and success.

To this end, we bring you the TTI Managing Performance Priorities™ System.

In a fast-paced business world where managers are responsible for more than team management, less focus is directed towards team alignment, employee growth and effective task management.

Managing Performance PrioritiesTM is the solution for managers and employees to stay connected and work effectively to accomplish team goals. It will help create consistent, effective communication and coach employees towards:


• Self-management

• Aligned priorities

• Increased performance.


The process is simple, yet effective, as it reverses the typical role of manager and employee. Rather than waiting for their next assignment or project, the employee will propose a game plan, giving the manager a chance to review, comment and approve. Employees and managers will have a clear idea of the tasks and priorities while personal accountability is held by everyone involved. The universal format makes this program ideal for a company of any size and in any industry. With online accessibility, distance is not an issue for a manager with a team in different territories, several offices or even world-wide!

Take a closer look at Managing Performance PrioritiesTM to see how this unique tool can work for your organization.

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