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The Whole Brain Business Book

Whole Brain Business Book

by Ned Herrmann


Goodbye, left brain/right brain. Farewell to simplistic concepts and superficial solutions. In the hot area of mind research and its applications in business, the new benchmark is Ned Herrmann's Whole Brain Teachnology. It delivers what it promises.

In this book, Ned Herrmann shows how to apply his famous four-quadrant paradigm for maximum productivity and creativity at work! It is the first book to apply Whole Brain Thinking exclusively to business.

The culmination of decades of research, this guide is as well-balanced as the model of the brain it describes: it is visionary and communicative, logical, organized, with conclusions drawn from a database of over 100,000.

You and your organization will use it to:

Learn about yourself and your company
Break out of the "box" created by overreliance on one or two styles of thinking
Optimize your leadership and followership styles
Craete and Manage Whole Brain teams
Inject creativity into everey area of business
If the administrators in your company are stiffling the new ideas put forth by the communicatorrrs and visionaries... or if you've shifted too much power from the marketers to the budget cutters and are now paying the price... it's time to get back in balance. Ned Herrmann will show you how to harness the power of all four thinking styles, with exercises and examples citing leading-edge companies.

It's smart business. And it's fun!