ODsurveys Plus

Diagnostic tools to be used within organizations to identify required interventions.


TTI 360-Degree Feedback Survey

A 360 survey involves a participant and raters. The participant is the subject of the survey. They are rated or evaluated in the survey typically by a Supervisor, Peers, Direct Reports, Customers and by themselves. This type of survey is designed to provide constructive feedback to the participant. The feedback report provided allows you to help the participant create a development plan by focusing on certain areas of weakness.


Organizational Survey

An Organizational Survey can be used in different ways.  This type of survey would collect general performance data from a variety, if not all, areas of the organization.  An Organizational Survey can be focused on a department, region, management level or the organization as a whole (Employee Satisfaction).  Employee Satisfaction Surveys can be vital in developing new policies, incentive programs and for reengineering staff. Feedback data is collected as an organizational whole and then divided by demographic (departments, locations, titles, etc) categories in the final reports.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are useful in gathering information from clients in order to improve overall customer satisfaction.  Customers can respond to the surveys in an anonymous manner.  Therefore, pertinent information can be retrieved for the purpose of improving employee to customer interface, customer related policies and any other potential customer concerns.


Team Analysis Survey

A "true" team is a group, or team, that depends on the performance of others in the team to be successful. A "weak link" can disrupt the success of the entire team. A Team Analysis survey can discover the effective and ineffective practices of the group (team), allowing for necessary adjustments and coaching.  With the input from everyone involved, team development can be easily assessed and accurately addressed with the Team Analysis survey results.