Sales Strategy Index RX Suite

Help your clients develop better sales knowledge! This set of 12 elearnings offers support material for the Sales Strategy Index™ reports. It will provide personalized training to coordinate with the needs identified in the Sales Skills Index report. For more information on RX suites please visit TTI University Online.

The 12 Audio CDs cover the following sales skills categories:

  • Prospecting - Cold Calling Skills, Time and Territory Management Skills, Telephone Skills, Self-Starting Capacity, Handling Rejection, Persistence
  • First Impression - Engaging Customer, Projecting Rapport, Courteous and Polite, Relating with Others, Evaluating Others, Taking Initiative in Meeting with Others
  • Qualifying - Qualifying Buyers, Questioning Strength, Accurate Listening, Understanding Needs, Patience, Maintaining Goal Focus
  • Demonstration - Giving and Effective Presentation, Persuading Others, Balanced Communication, Concrete Organization, Personal Flexibility, Using Common Sense
  • Influence - Solving Sales Problems, Identifying Buying Signals, Maintaining Trust, Emotional Connection, Correct Use of Resources, Problem Resolution
  • Closing - Dealing with Objectives, Closing the Sale, Identifying Objections, Courage, Self-Control, Being Results-Oriented