The Power of Team Working

Together: The Strength of a Common Purpose. Shared vision and purpose collects and focuses energy. A team can draw upon the experience, talents, knowledge, skills and contacts of all its members.

TeamworkEach: Commitment to Team Motivates Each to Excel and Grow. The sense of shared vision and personal loyalty prompts each individual to go the extra mile-not only to continue beyond where he would normally give up, but to make excellence a consistent value.

Accomplishes: A Team is Organized for Action. A well-organized team is an efficient vehicle for advancing an agreed upon purpose through the achievement of definitive objectives.

More: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts. A committed team has, as well as the efficiency of planned action, the indefinable power of synergistic action.

You will learn to :

- Understand the differences between a working group, a pseudo team and a real team; 
- Identify the qualities and characteristics of effective teams; 
- Determine the behaviors that will support the development of an effective team; 
- Get to know each other better in order to develop a new team consciousness.