Whole Brain "The Basics"

This workshop introduces the Whole Brain metaphor and builds the conceptual framework for all of the Whole Brain Workshops. Participants are introduced to a diagnostic tool for assessing "brain dominance" and each participant receives a profile describing his or her unique dominance pattern. These concepts are then applied to basic questions of self-understanding, communication and working with others. Through leader-led presentations and hands-on group exercises, the power of each participant's uniqueness is demonstrated in everyday situations. Working in groups, participants apply their new knowledge to construct effective methods of communication for people with whom they normally have difficulty communicating. By the end of the day, groups of people with very diverse thinking preferences demonstrate their new ability to produce and present an effective Whole Brain communication.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the four primary thinking and communication styles;
  • Communicate more effectively with a wider variety of individuals;
  • Recognize the mental diversity that exists in any given group;
  • Diagnose job functions, tasks and responsibilities in relation to thinking preferences.